Faith Hope Love

King's X, one of my favorite bands, stopped in Austin last weekend and of course I had to be there. Besides being amazing musicians, these guys are just beautiful people. Being at one of their shows is such a positive experience. I'm always blown away by their huge sound and encouraging message. 

Bassist and lead vocalist Dug's voice was pretty rough from a previous show and he really struggled to sing at the level that I know he is capable of delivering. The passion was there though and he gave all there was to give. As usual, he gave a little "sermon" if you will, encouraging everyone to not hate people who are different from what you expect and to be kind and tolerant with others. A little love goes a long way. 

Of course, there was a performance of Goldilox - a great tune from the very first album. The band doesn't sing it. The audience does. It's a cool thing you have to experience to appreciate. The mics get turned around and the band quietly plays while the fans sing. Beautiful to behold.

I got permission to photograph the show, which I did with my little Fujifilm X100F kit and iPhone. Here are a few highlights. If you want to see more shots from the show, check them out on my gallery site.