Leather by Revival

Those who frequent my blog will be familiar with Revival Cycles in Austin, TX. In addition to their annual Handbuilt Motorcycle Show, they host other cool events regularly, like their monthly Gearhead Sundays. These guys are passionate about all things motorcycle related and besides their custom bike builds, they hand craft a lot of other great stuff. I’d been eyeing some of their leather accessories for a while and at a recent Gearhead Sunday event I made a couple of purchases.

Revival gives back a lot to the motorcycle enthusiast community. I decided to purchase a new camera hand strap and wallet to give back a little to them. The goods that Revival makes in-house are top notch. I got to hang out in the leather workshop where they design and make their goods. Patrick, one of their leather craftsmen, showed me around and we talked about what I wanted. I actually ended up ordering a couple of custom items, as Patrick was happy to make a few simple tweaks to get me exactly what I had in mind.

I had been wanting a nice leather camera wrist strap for my Fujifilm X100F for quite some time. The cheap one I had on there for the past year was getting frayed. I was happy to discover that Revival actually makes a couple of camera straps. To be honest, the price was a bit higher than I had in mind. Not outrageous mind you, just more than the typical stuff you’ll find on eBay or Amazon. But hey, you just don’t get quality leather goods like what Revival makes on the cheap from anywhere. Buying the strap from a local company that custom makes them by hand was absolutely worth the price - especially when Patrick would make some simple changes at no extra cost. I chose a soft mahogany vegetable tanned leather - butter soft to the touch. My strap was made without a stiff insert for greater flexibility and I had him put smooth leather on the inside of the strap instead of the usual rough out.

While looking over the rest of Revival’s leather goods, I found a wallet that caught my eye. My wallet was starting to fall apart and the guys had a prototype for a passport wallet out on their display table. I loved the soft feel of the leather they used, although the prototype had a snap clasp that I didn’t care for. I prefer my wallet to be as minimal and thin as possible. Patrick offered to make one the way I wanted it.

Both of the items I ordered were delivered to my home less than a week after ordering. They were packed in neat little cloth bags and I’m using one of those to hold cables and things in my messenger bag. Bonus! The wallet is as awesome as the camera strap - soft luxurious leather that feels like a quality piece of craftsmanship. My wallet fits like a glove into one of the side cargo pockets of the 5.11 pants I always wear. Now I have a wallet that holds my stuff in a thin profile that slips into a side pocket. I no longer sit on my wallet!

Check out Revival’s camera straps and wallets with the links below. I’m just a happy customer and I don’t get commissions from Revival. Note that my wallet is a new design they are working on and may not be on the site. I’m sure they would be happy to help if you give them a call.

Camera Straps