Taylor Main Street Car Show

Here it is mid-December, with Christmas closing in quickly, and I am just now getting around to looking through images I took back in October. A hectic work schedule and getting a class completed took a huge toll on my free time. Photography took a back seat for a while. So, it’s catch up time and I’m starting off by sharing a few snaps I took at the Taylor Main Street Car Show. This annual show is always around my birthday and I enjoyed the mild weather that weekend while wandering around some classic rides.

There has been a shift in my vision when it comes to automobile photography over time. While I used to obsess over getting clean shots of whole vehicles, lately I tend to move in close. I find myself looking for little details, textures, light, shadows, maybe even color. I favor black and white imagery but I have to admit that I still struggle sometimes with seeing subjects with that end in mind. While I do have a form of color blindness, there are certain colors that attract my attention, particularly when I’m looking at colorful cars. That becomes a bit of a distraction when composing images and it made my processing of my photos from the show a bit challenging. Images where colors were the lure to get me to snap a photo didn’t necessarily translate well in monochrome.

I could have gone with a mixture of color and monochrome, but I decided to keep it simple and stick with black and white imagery. As a result, I ended up trashing a lot of shots where I failed to pre-visualize and capture a photograph that translated well without color. My visit to the car show ended up being a valuable lesson in composing and framing with intention, looking for light, shadow, and texture that worked toward a preconceived final result. Even though I threw away a lot of images, I don’t feel that I lost anything. I’ve been working on bringing back fewer photos from my outings - less quantity, more quality - a higher signal to noise ratio.

Here are a few favorites. You can find more on my gallery site.