Swamp Bats at Texas Beer

My good friends in The Swamp Bats played a show at Texas Beer Company this past Saturday night. The house was packed for a Mardi Gras party and the Swamp Bats put on a sizzling show. I was happy to have helped booked the band here and I knew they would be a hit in Taylor. There is a bit of a Cajun influence in the Swamp Bats' original version of the Blues that was a perfect fit for the evening festivities.

I grabbed a few photos with my trusty Fujifilm X100F and its conversion lenses. Using the two conversion lenses gave me a three focal length setup that I alternated through for a few songs. While I tend to love the 50mm equivalent focal length for music, I've been experimenting with the 35mm and 28mm focal lengths in smaller, more intimate venues like this one.  I do love my black and whites but have found myself shooting more color shots at Texas Beer. There isn't a lot of contrasty light like I prefer for black and white work there and the color helps things pop a little in the images I think. 

So here's a funny story. I swear, I hadn't even had a beer yet and somehow I managed to attach my wide converter lens on backwards on the X100F. I was using the optical viewfinder so I didn't notice and I thought my camera was having issues when it was refusing to focus. I snapped a couple of frames and looked at the images and wondered what was going on when I saw the blurry and heavily vignetted images. I had to laugh at myself when I looked at the lens and saw what I'd done. You know, the images weren't too bad actually. They have an artsy quality. Maybe I'll try that again on purpose sometime. Here's what it looked like:

More photos from the show can be found on my gallery page.