Model Eight - On Location

I posted a few shots a while back from a session I did with my friend Model Eight. The long and tedious process of pruning my archives continues. While I'm getting rid of a lot of images that just don't work, I am finding a few that I didn't see fit to process way back when but I've found something I like in them with a fresh set of eyes years later. Such is the case of these images taken on location in the nearby small town of Taylor.

Originally, I was capturing images primarily with color in mind. The shots below were set aside as non-keepers and after processing them now in black and white, I like them a lot better. I used Lightroom with VSCO film simulations as a base to create a dark noir-ish look. These were all captured with a minimalist set of gear - a Fujifilm X100 and an off-camera hot shoe flash. No, you don't need a lot of fancy gear to have some fun and create interesting images. Enjoy these shots that I brought back from the cutting room floor, taken back in November of 2011.