Hot Rods and Hatters

I spent yesterday afternoon checking out some great cars at the annual Hot Rods and Hatters car show in Lockhart, TX with my good friend Mark and his kids. We had an awesome time seeing the cars and stuffing our selves with BBQ. Readers of my blog know I love cars, particularly the classics and rat rods. There were plenty of both in Lockhart this weekend. 

Gear-wise, I was toting around my X100F and my iPhone 6S with a Moondog Labs anamorphic adapter. I love the anamorphic combination even if the camera is "just" an iPhone. After taking a few shots with the iPhone, I'd almost decided to use that exclusively since it was a casual sort of thing and I was hanging out with folks while walking around. Unfortunately my iPhone battery life has been quite unpredictable lately. Some days it's fine and lasts all day, while others it goes berserk and seems to discharge in the blink of an eye. After using the camera for about 15 minutes the battery percentage starting going down rapidly, dropping from 60% to 10% in just a few minutes. I shut the phone off for a while and when I turned it back on it jumped to 50%. I got about another 15 or so minutes before it plummeted again down to 1%. I could literally watch the percentage tick down. Son of a... Yeah, I was rather pissed at Apple yesterday. I'm in line for a new battery and should have it replaced in a couple of weeks. Hopefully that fixes it.

I shot a good bit with my X100F too, although I have to say I really like having the anamorphic option for car shows and this is one of few times I'd have been content to just stick with the damned phone. It was a cold-ish overcast day and I'd normally have stayed all black and white. The dreary flat light makes some portrait photographers giddy but it does nothing for me. I'd prefer hard light that makes colors pop. I stuck with my favorite Classic Chrome simulation and bumped up the saturation a bit while increasing the contrast in post. I think it works and provides some variety with the all black and white iPhone snaps that I took with the Blackie app.

Here a few favorites from the show. You can check out more if you like on my gallery site.