Kathy and the Kilowatts at Black Sparrow

Last night Kathy and the Kilowatts put on a fantastic show at the Black Sparrow Music Parlor in Taylor, TX. I love that we have some great venues like this not far from where I live. Austin may be the Live Music Capitol of the World but Taylor is offering up some top notch shows these days. The parlor-like setting of the Black Sparrow brings an intimacy to the band performances that I find very inviting and refreshing.

I've seen my friend Dylan play stand-up bass with a lot of bands around Austin and this was my first time catching him with Kathy's band. Their fusion of Rockabilly and Blues was a crowd pleaser. I had a great time snapping a few photos like enjoying the two sets they played. The parlor has some old fashioned soft chairs and sofas near the stage and I was lucky enough to be able to grab a chair right up front, from which I was able to snap a number of my photos. A great band, a comfy chair, and a cold beer. My kind of Saturday night.

All photos were taken with my Fujifilm X100F and conversion lenses using the Acros film simulation. Camera JPEGs were adjusted for contrast in Lightroom. Check out more photos from the show on my gallery site.