A Couple of Punks at Black Sparrow

A couple of my buddies form the duo that is Americunts, a punk band out of Taylor, TX. These two guys make some noise together and belt out an in-your-face set of old school punk. They put on a short set at at Black Sparrow's recent Rock Fest and I had some fun enjoying the music and grabbing a few shots of the guys. Reminder to self - bring ear plugs when working around a stage with large floor speakers. 

With a name like Americunts, the band is as irreverent as you'd expect from a proper punk band. Sorry kids, this ain't a family show. Still, the guys showed that they have a soft side and had a guest pianist come up for a ballad. As you can tell from my photos, no shirt is the way to go on stage with the Americunts. This is punk after all. 

All photos were taken with my Fujifilm X100F and conversion lenses. Processing in Lightroom CC iPad app. If you like these, check out more shots from the show on my gallery site.