Swamp Bats at Austin Eastciders

I've had the opportunity to see my friends in the Swamp Bats play at Austin Eastciders a couple of times in the last few weeks. It's a nice venue and even though I'm not into cider I was able to get tasty pints of beer at the brewery next door. The Swamp Bats were real crowd pleasers at both shows. It's such a treat to see such a talented bunch of folks having a blast doing what they love.

I kept things simple as usual at both shows by snapping photos with my trusty little Fujifilm X100F rig. Between the camera and the two conversion lenses I find that I have everything I need to shoot a live music performance without weighing myself down with gear. I mixed things up a bit by setting the camera for Classic Chrome at the first show and Acros the next time around. While I'm absolutely a lover of black and white, sometimes I really like what Classic Chrome does. 

All images are JPEGs from the X100F with minor adjustments in Lightroom CC. More shots from the show can be found on my gallery site.