Wheels and Warriors

The Wheels and Warriors car show was held a couple of weeks ago in Cedar Park. This is the second car show I've attended at Gupton Stadium. Both times I've been a little disappointed with the relatively low turnout for the size of venue. There weren't as many classics as I'd like and I didn't find any rat rods this time around. Most of the cars were a little too modern for my tastes. Still, it was a charity event benefitting veterans and first responders so I was happy to attend and show my support, as well as enjoying wandering around the rows of cars.

I didn't snap as many photos as I usually do at car shows. The heat probably had something to do with that. I looked for interesting details and photographed those that caught my eye. It's something I've been kind of working on instead of focusing on capturing full car shots. In the past I'd often taken some a few detail snaps with my iPhone while using one of my Fujifilm cameras to grab wider compositions. This time I only used my Fujifilm X100F. Here are a few favorites. 

Images are Classic Chrome film simulation with further processing in Lightroom CC. More photos from the show can be viewed on my gallery site.