Gearhead Sunday

Last month Revival Cycles in Austin hosted another Gearhead Sunday. They generously open up their shop at these regular events and allow fellow motorcycle enthusiasts to freely wander around. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own project bikes or cars to show off. It's a neat gathering that seems to be gaining popularity, as evidenced by a sizable turnout in spite of blistering heat.

I enjoyed poking around looking for interesting details amongst some of the classic machines that Revival had in the shop. Once again, I showed up with only my iPhone as a photographic companion. While it can be a struggle to use in the low light of the shop, it does a decent job at capturing close up details. When sweat is pouring off me this time of year, I'm happy to lug as little gear as possible with me on my Road King. 

All photos were taken with my iPhone 6s Plus using the Blackie app. More images from the event can be found on my gallery site.