Eric Hisaw

My buddy Ron, bassist for The Mooks, has been playing with Eric Hisaw and I got to see his band for the first time last weekend at the Black Sparrow Music Parlor in Taylor. These guys are a tight rock-n-roll trio and I really enjoyed their sound. The Black Sparrow is such a cool little venue and I’m always thankful that I can catch great music like this so close to home and away from the big city.

A recent change in lighting at the Black Sparrow has encouraged me to do more color work in my photography there. The new LED lights are a bit brighter and more of the stage is lit, albeit still with a strong central bias. Being color blind, I’m always second guessing whether my color shots of live music are “correct” in color. The more I experiment, the more I think it probably doesn’t matter. Did I catch a good moment or not? That’s the more important question.

I’ve been snapping the shutter less at concerts and keeping ever fewer of the frames I grab through ruthless culling. Quality over quantity - that’s been the goal lately. It helps me to think in terms of shooting about a roll of film even though this is all digital. At first, it was a 36 frame roll. Lately I’ve been thinking more in terms of a 24 frame roll. Actually, 12 is starting to sound good. After all, this is just for fun and I’m not looking to hoard my own photography. Just a few good shots is all I’m after. Catch and preserve a little of the passion and emotion of the performance.

Here are a few that I liked. You can find a few more over on my gallery page. These were all taken with my trusty Fujifilm X100F.