Dust on the Needle

A few of my musician friends were sitting in with a group called Dust on the Needle at a Beatles tribute night hosted by the Black Sparrow Music Parlor in Taylor. This was a really cool show. I got to see my friends doing something they love and it really shows in the photos. Honestly, there are a couple of photos that I would rank among my top live music images.

I got a lot of compliments on some of the images that night but if there is something I’ve learned in photographing musicians it’s that the quality of the image really falls on the performer. I can be in the best possible spot with the best light you can hope for at a live show and if the performer doesn’t have passion it shows. I can’t create special moments; I can only be there and hope they happen.

As usual I was doing the photo snapping with my minimalist photo rig of the Fujifilm X100F and conversion lenses. I’m still loving that setup. It’s nice to be unburdened by a bunch of gear so I can hang out and enjoy myself with friends after grabbing a few shots.

You can find more images from the show on my gallery site.