The Lone Star Roundup

The Lone Star Roundup is the largest annual car show in Austin and I always look forward to attending each spring. The show comes around at a great time of year when temperatures are relatively mild and the rainy season usually hasn’t hit yet. Since the show is held on a Friday and Saturday, I opted to take a day off from work and wander around on Friday this year. That paid off since the crowd was a lot thinner than a typical Saturday.

As usual I enjoyed wandering around with my camera and snapping shots of the machines and details that interested me. My eye seems to go more toward details these days as evidenced by the relatively few photos I brought back of cars in their entirety. While I processed a lot of images in color to do justice where it made sense, I tend to favor black and white for a lot of the details.

Here are a few images from the show. Many more can be found on my gallery site.