Eastside Classic

The Eastside Classic vintage motorcycle show is held every year on Fathers Day in east Austin. This year it was back at Kinda Tropical and I took a ride down there to wander around a bit on a hot June day. It’s hard to be outside for long during the day this time of year and I was really feeling the heat. I didn’t stay long as a result. The ride back home on my own motorcycle with my protective jacket and helmet is less than comfortable in the late afternoon! Still, it was fun to check out some of the bikes there in the early part of the show.

I was mostly seeking out details this time around. As usual, there were plenty of things that caught my eye, both in the official show and in the parking lot. Sometimes the bikes people ride in that aren’t part of the show are just as interesting as the show bikes. There is a thriving community of passionate riders and bike tinkerers in the Austin area. It’s fun and inspiring to see what shows up at these events.

All photos were taken with my Fujifilm X100F. Check out more images from the show on my gallery site.