Photo Books and the Need to Create

I love looking at photo books. For all the amazing technology that goes into modern high resolution computer displays there is still nothing like looking at printed images. I've been bothered for a long time by the fact that I tend to take so many photos that never leave my computer. Maybe I share them on my blog or portfolio site but I just don't get the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction of holding something I created in my hands. I hate showing my photos to people on little screens and flicking through them with a finger swipe. It just doesn't do it for me. I want to turn pages, not swipe pixels. I want to create something physical, tangible, and tactile.

A while back I decided I was going to print more. I have been doing that, mostly prints for my self at home. I've been a bit lackadaisical in creating distributable books of my work though. It is a time consuming process to do layouts and I've been working on streamlining the process so I can create them more frequently. The books I've created so far are primarily for me - to fulfill my need to create something. Art is meant to be shared and I'll of course be sharing these publications with those who are interested. I've got a little store of sorts through Magcloud and I'll be offering books for sale as they are created. For those who prefer swiping on a tablet, ebooks are available as well. A number of my ebooks are free to download. Check them out here.

Photo Book Layouts with IKEA

I'm always looking for ways to do things in a way that minimizes my time staring at computer screens. While I love creating photo books, I don't particularly enjoy doing the layouts because that tends to be a lot of time on the computer. For some time now, I've been mulling over better ways to do book layouts. Then one afternoon I was walking around an IKEA store and stumbled upon some large metal panels designed to be magnetic bulletin boards. They had a very affordable price of $12 each and I ended up walking out with 4 of them. I stopped by a Home Depot on the way back home and got some cheap ceramic button sized magnets to complete my new photo layout set.

The IKEA panels are lightweight and I had no trouble quickly hanging them with the help of a yardstick level. I usually print 4x6 proofs of images before preparing a book layout to get a good idea of how well the images will look on paper and that size works perfectly with these panels. Being able to physically arrange my images made me a happy camper! It's nice to be able to take a few steps back and see the flow of images all at once without squinting at tiny thumbnails. Over the brief Thanksgiving break I was able to use my new photo layout setup to prepare 3 books and take advantage of a Black Friday sale that Magcloud was running. If I'm satisfied with the printed books after I receive them (hopefully next week), look for them on my book page. I'm hoping to expand my printed book offerings and free ebooks over the Christmas holidays.