Burnet at Night - A Revisit

I've posted before about walking along Burnet Rd in Austin at Night. It's not particularly interesting during the day, at least to me. It takes on a different look at night when light is sparse. Things that seem mundane in the daylight become intriguing in the subtle brushes of light from manmade sources. I enjoy the calm and quiet of an evening stroll while observing what the interplay of darkness and light choose to reveal.


Quiet Places


Scarcity of Light

There was a time when I would try to coax every last bit of detail out of scene - from the brightest highlights to the darkest shadows. Lacking well lit scenes, I often used to take multiple exposures and mash them together such that you could peer into every nook and cranny if you so desired. It's interesting how things change with one's sense of aesthetics over the years. More often than not these days, when I'm out photographing for myself I'm inclined to seek out a scarcity of light. Those areas of darkness with just enough light to carve out a form. That's when things get interesting lately. It doesn't matter if the rest of the scene falls to blackness - more the better if it does. Maybe I've seen too many washed out black and whites lately. I'm taking things noir. Blacks crushed. Don't be afraid of the dark.

Late Night on Burnet

I met up with my good friend Tony for dinner and a few drinks last week. We didn't really plan on taking any photos that night. It was more about hanging out, venting about some things, laughing about others. Being that we are both photographers we just happened to have cameras with us - imagine that. After dinner we took a brief walk down Burnett road. It's not the most exciting bit of Austin. It was dark and quiet - eerily so in some places. We each found a few things of interest on this mundane stretch of road. The search for something interesting in poorly lit ordinary areas like this is challenging and distracting - in a good way. It takes my mind off of my cares and worries. It makes me happy.

Images were captured with a Fujifilm X-T1 and XF 35mm f/1.4 lens.

North Lamar

I took a stroll down North Lamar in Austin with my good friend Tony a while back. It's not unusual for us to wander the streets of Austin with our cameras. This particular area was a little different though. The challenge was to find interesting subjects in a rather bland looking part of town. Tony and I had done this sort of thing before and we found that while you might have to look a little harder than, say downtown Austin, there were actually plenty of things that drew our individual interests in a seemingly mundane area. As I'm usually inclined on outings like this, I kept things simple. One camera, one lens. I enjoyed some good conversation while wandering about, letting the night and minimal lighting inspire us to take a closer look at those things that we take for granted in daylight.






Fujifilm XT-1 with XF 35mm 1.4 lens, Classic Chrome.

Windows on SoCo

The view through windows, from either side, can be intriguing late at night. My wife and I had just finished dinner at a little Japanese restaurant in the trendy SoCo area of S. Congress in Austin. Our window seat at the restaurant inspired me to to linger at some of the storefront windows on our walk back to the car. I captured these images in black and white with my pocketable Fujifilm XF1, a neat little camera for those nights when photography isn't the main purpose of the outing.

A Night on Burnet

I met up with my good friend Tony for a short photo walk right before Christmas. He was flying out on Christmas Day and it was nice to hang out a bit while enjoying a shared favorite activity - walking around the city at night with a single camera and a fast prime lens. We chose a stretch of Burnet road in Austin that has a few interesting businesses and some colorful lights. You gotta have some light coming from somewhere at night after all. It was a fairly calm and quiet night for being just a couple days before Christmas. We walked, chatted, clicked, dined. Due to the holiday business and illness (damned cedar fever!) I just got around to processing and posting these.  

Images taken with a Fujifilm X-T1 and XF 35mm f/1.4 lens. All are camera JPEGs in the new Classic Chrome film simulation with the exception of the Chinese restaurant, which was converted from raw with Astia simulation in Lightroom.