A special photo

This is photo I snapped of my mom and brother at his graduation from SAPD. It was taken with a typical point and shoot camera, a Canon PowerShot A510. Like most point and shoots, it doesn't do that great in low light situations. Most of the shots I tried to get in the dark auditorium didn't come out. This one did, even though it has some problems. I was lucky to catch this shot that day. I didn't realize how lucky until last November when mom passed away unexpectedly. This picture suddenly came to mean the world to my brother. It also became an inspiration to me to learn how to take better pictures so that the special moments in life like this don't slip away. I recently upgraded to a used Canon 30d DSLR and I've been enjoying learning how to use it. Capturing images of the beautiful things in life has become one of the ways that I honor my mom.