Christmas in the Capitol

The Austin Photography Group held a holiday photowalk last weekend.  Peter Talke was kind enough to organize the event and offer tips to newbies like me.  We met at the Capitol building to take some shots there before walking down Congress Ave. to 6th St.  There were some talented photographers there and I learned quite a bit.  I came away with a number of good shots and I wished there had been time to take more.  It's really cool to have other photographers around to bounce ideas off.

Since this is the week of Christmas, I'm sharing a shot of the Christmas tree in the Texas House of Representatives.  This is an HDR shot from 3 exposures (the longest of which was 4 seconds.)  It was kind of tricky lighting because of the incandescent room lighting and late day sun pouring in through the windows.  That's the cool thing about HDR though - you can really manipulate the lighting in post processing to get a great image that would be tough, if not impossible, with a single exposure.

Merry Christmas!