Getting Down to the Subject's Level

First off, Happy New Year. I've been so busy at the start of this year and just realized that I hadn't made a blog post yet! I spent a lot of time with my photography over the holidays though. I've learned a lot and captured some cool images. My goal for the year is to get plugged in more with the photographer community in Austin so I can learn and share with the many talented people around here. I'm going to try and share cool photos with everyone via Flickr at least weekly and share some of the things I've learned out here on the blog.

Well, I've got a lot to learn about composition. One of the things I've heard said is to get down to the subject's level. In my point-n-shoot days I was as guilty as anyone of pointing my camera down at my dogs from a standing position. What a bunch of totally boring pictures of their backs! I was missing out on all the detail in their facial expressions.

Now, I get down to their level. For toy poodles like Lucy here, that usually means laying down on the floor with her! The result is a much cuter picture that is up close and personal - not just an overhead shot from 6 feet away! A fast prime lens let me get a good shot indoors without blasting a flash into her face. It pays to get yourself down there face to face!