Photographers for Japan

In the wake of a tragedy like the devastating tsunami that hit Japan I always wish there were something more I could do. Sure, I donate to relief organizations and offer my thoughts and prayers to those affected by a terrible disaster. I just wish there were something more I could to make a difference. The other day, I stumbled across a great idea by Oliver Fluck. For a limited time, he is donating the profits from sales of his prints to the Red Cross. What a great idea!

I'm happy to step up and join him. Through the end of the month, all profit from any sales of prints on my site will be donated to the Red Cross for relief efforts in Japan. I've had a number of people asking about prints and now is a great time to get one if you've been thinking about a purchase. I would be thrilled if my photography could help make a difference, if even a small one. Even if you don't purchase anything from me, please visit the other participating photographers' sites listed on Oliver's blog.