Misfits Ol' School for School

I was out for a ride down some back roads on my Road King and decided to stop in downtown Taylor for a drink, as a sweltering heat was settling in following an overcast morning. The Misfits car club was holding a school supply drive at my favorite watering hole, Texas Beer Company. Of course, I braved the sun that was starting to force its way through the cloud cover and wandered around a bit, snapping a few photos with my iPhone. I just can't resist classic cars.

All photos were snapped with the Blackie app on my iPhone 6s Plus. More photos from the event can be found on my gallery site.


A few weekends back I stopped by a small car show in Cedar Park. The RockNRides show benefitted a high school band and there was a decent turnout. Most of the cars were a little too late model for my tastes though. I gravitate to the art deco styled classics and the rat rods. While there weren't many of these at this show, I did enjoy walking around and getting in a little car photography. 

I've been experimenting again with the Moondog Labs anamorphic adapter for my iPhone 6. It was a little over a year ago that I picked it up and I realized that I hadn't done much with it lately. While I had my Fuji X100F with me, I ended up snapping images solely with the iPhone. I have to say, I do love the wide aspect ratio for my photos and the anamorphic adapter gets it for me on the iPhone without having to crop anything away. It's a cool trick.

Using a wide point of view like this, it is tempting to go for the big picture - full body shots of cars. I do that a lot and so this time I pushed myself to look closer for interesting details, reflections, and different angles. Luckily it was an overcast day, which made the latter a little easier. My complaint with shooting by LCD in daylight is that it makes composition difficult when bright sunlight drowns out the display. 

Here are a few details that caught my wandering eye. All were taken with the iPhone and the Moondog Labs lens using the Blackie camera app. More shots from the show can be found on my gallery page.

East Side Transformation

I was down in East Austin last month checking out a Punk Rock Flea Market and I decided to take a little stroll. This part of Austin has slowly been transforming over the years from a grungy high crime area to a renovated urban landscape of condos and art studios. There is a certain tension between the old and the new, apparent in art and architecture. Graffiti vs murals, derelict remnants vs sleek modern structures.

This wasn't a photo centric trip so I was toting only my iPhone. That and the Blackie app are all I need to take in the city. I wish now I'd done more photography down here before so many condos started popping up. I wonder how long it will be until condos with trendy businesses on the first floor that dominate the entire east side of Austin. That seems to be where things are headed. Hip and expensive living is the trend in Austin.

iPhone Urban Exploration

My buddy Mark got a new DSLR recently and we met up to wander around downtown Austin for a bit so he could get some shots to test it out. I was minimally equipped for photography that day, having only my iPhone with me. Paired with my favorite camera app, Blackie, I was able to grab a few snaps of some decrepit old buildings down by the railroad tracks. As fast as condos are going up in Austin, I doubt these places will exist much longer.

While I'm still not sold on the 4:3 native format of the iPhone, I am quite pleased with the results I get when paired with Blackie. There's a raw noir look to the images that I love - deep crushed blacks with decent preservation of highlights. Amazing stuff for a camera phone. The dynamic range exceeds my early DSLRs and the apps these days let me get a look I want with little to no post production back on my desktop computer. And to think I used to despise Smart Phone cameras.