Granger, A Canon, and some Kodak

Earlier this year I tried out a couple of new to me things: a Canonet QL17 GIII and some Kodak 5222 black and white film. I was looking for a good compact 35mm camera that I could keep in my every day carry bag. To put the little Canon to the test, I headed to nearby Granger, TX for a short photo walk around the eerily quiet small town.

It was an overcast day and the 5222 film didn't give much contrast. I had to use some aggressive tone curves to get the scanned images more to my liking and they are still a little flat for my tastes. The little Canon and I didn't click (no pun intended) very well together either. The rangefinder patch was rather dim, making focusing difficult. There was a softness to most images and I'm not sure whether that was due to my difficulty in focusing or if the rangefinder mechanism was out of alignment.

Still, I came away with a few images I liked. I decided that the Canonet wasn't "the one" and returned it. Maybe I'm not cut out for rangefinders? It was a fun experiment and I'll be looking for the next small 35mm camera to audition.