Huit Noir

I did some headshots of my good friend Eight for her acting portfolio. After we got done with the standard 8x10 headshot we played around for a bit with some film noir inspired portraits. In about 15 minutes we had several different looks with simple lighting changes and some wardrobe accessories. These were all done with two hot shoe flashes - one Rogue gridded hair light and one key light that was either gridded or shaped with Rogue accessories. The black side of a 5 in 1 reflector served as a backdrop in Eight's small apartment. As usual, my talented model/actress/director friend pulled off some very emotive poses and expressions. Here are 8 shots of Eight in noir style.

Images were taken with a Fujifilm X-T1 and XF 50-140mm lens.

Noir City Austin

Why is this man smiling? Because it's Noir City Austin at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz in Austin! All weekend long the Drafthouse is screening classic film noir - black and white, dark plot and characters, not a single happy ending in any of them! The event is a production of the Film Noir Foundation and hosted by Eddie Muller, the foundation's founder and a leading film noir historian. It is awesome seeing these 35mm films brought back to life on the Alamo's big screen. A lot of these films can't be seen any other way because they were long forgotten in storage and never released to DVD or otherwise digitally reproduced. I caught "Street of Chance" last night and hope to catch a couple more films over the weekend. Catch a flick or two this weekend while you can.