ROT Rally 2018

I wasn't planning on attending the ROT Rally in Austin this year. It's crazy hot this time of year, entry to the rally is kind of expensive, and the attractions weren't compelling enough for me this time around. As it turned out, I was offered a free pass by a friend so I ended up stopping by for a little bit. My main interest was in the builder bike show and maybe some flat track racing.

Unfortunately, I ended up being greatly disappointed. The builder bike show used to be held in the main Travis County Expo Center arena in the past years that I've attended. This year it got bumped into  what used to be a small music tent. Micro wrestling and roller derby replaced the bike show. For a rally that is supposed to be centered around motorcycles, this was a complete "What the hell" situation. There were only a small fraction of the usual number of custom bikes under the tent. Not much of a bike show.

While the turnout and show accommodations were lacking, there was still some nice eye candy for a bike enthusiast like me. Here are a few machines and details that caught my eye.

Photos taken with my Fujifilm X100F and conversion lenses. More photos from the event are on my gallery site.