George DeVore at Texas Beer Company

This past weekend was a real treat for me. After seeing Sister 7 in Austin on Friday night, I got to see George DeVore perform the next night at my favorite watering hole, Texas Beer Company in Taylor. I think it has been about 10 years since I last saw George play. It was so great to catch his acoustic set in front of a small crowd in the little town of Taylor.

The music venues in Taylor are really kicking things up a notch lately and I love being able to enjoy top shelf artists like George without having to drive into downtown Austin. Someday, I suppose that Taylor may get swept up in the frantic urban sprawl outside of Austin and lose its small town character. I hope not but Austin is bursting at the seams and the suburbs are expanding like wild fire. For now, it's a laid back scene in Taylor with no parking hassles, friendly people, and great artists playing in intimate settings. 

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