Dinner in Georgetown

I met up with my good friend Andy in Georgetown this evening for dinner and a short walk around town. Andy is a talented photographer and we had a good talk about shop and life. We usually take a few photos while wandering about like this and tonight was no exception. Normally I'd have a "real" camera but this time I ventured out with just my iPhone. I think Andy was probably amused by this because it wasn't until about summer of this year until I really gave the iPhone a chance as a camera. While I won't go so far as to say I enjoy shooting with it, I have been more open to experimentation with it recently - particularly on outings where I might like to take a few photos but photography isn't the purpose of the trip. 

We ate at El Monumento before wandering around downtown for a bit. The town square is already lit up with Christmas lights and a Christmas tree was on the courthouse lawn. We saw several groups of people getting holiday photos made by other photographers in the square. I was content to snap a few photos here and there, enjoying the conversation more than seriously shooting. The snapshots below were all taken with a neat little app called Blackie, using a TRI-X simulation in the app. It may not be quite like the real black and white film experience but I do like the results I get with this app most of the time.