Exploring Granger and Bartlett

I went on a motorcycle ride with my good friend Mark recently.  There are a number of interesting small towns along the backroads near Austin and we took advantage of the relatively mild summer weather we've been having to make a few stops and explore a little. I led us on a path that took us through Granger and Bartlett. These tiny towns could use some renovation but I don't mind the rustic look. It's a pleasant break from the Austin cityscape - land of never ending condo construction. While it's a bit sad to see some wonderful old buildings in states of decay, there is something about walking the streets of towns like these that I find reassuring. It's a bit of the past that hasn't been leveled in the name of urban expansion.

Urban landscapes are a favorite photographic pursuit of mine. I've been challenging myself to look for interesting details instead of going after the big picture so to speak. I tend to shoot with a 50mm focal length lately, 35mm maybe here and there. That keeps me from running around snapping shots of whole buildings with a wide angle and calling it a day.  The tighter focal lengths make for a greater challenge in composition and force me to dig a little deeper in my explorations. In these 2 towns I looked for some of the little things - parts over the whole. Of course, it is always hard to resist interesting doors or windows. Some habits I won't shake.



Photos taken with a Fujifilm XF1, B&W red filter simulation.