Doors and Windows of Lometa

I wandered around the small town of Lometa, TX one afternoon some years back. It was back in the day when I was usually traveling with a tripod and shooting brackets of images for HDR work. Meh. I hardly ever do that sort of thing anymore. Not knocking it - it just isn't for me any longer. My walk around Lometa produced a bunch bracketed sets of images and as I was going through my archives the other day I found these. I deleted all but the essential single exposures and put together a few black and white conversions. Simple is better these days.

Doors and windows always attract my attention. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because they can be like portals that separate very different worlds and lives. Sometimes they are like gateways to a time past. Lometa had that kind of vibe. I wonder what life was like back before these old portals began to fade and crumble due to vandalism, reclamation, the ravages of time.