Miss Guilty at Black Sparrow

I caught a great show by Miss Guilty at my favorite live music venue, The Black Sparrow Music Parlor in Taylor, TX. They’re a cool band with an all female lineup. I first saw them right across the street in Taylor last year at Texas Beer Company and I was happy to see this Austin band coming back. The ladies put on another rock solid set, sounding even better in this intimate music hall.

This time around, I capture just black and white JPEGs (Across film simulation) with my Fujifilm X100F. I pushed the blacks deep in camera and raised highlights just a touch. A moody noir look seemed to suit the evening.

More photos from the show can be found on my gallery site.

Miss Guilty

Who doesn’t love a kick-ass girl band? I caught a set by Miss Guilty at Texas Beer Company in Taylor, TX recently and enjoyed their soulful sound. I’d seen guitarist Beth Lee play with her band before and I was looking forward to hearing her with this project. It’s not all just good looks with Miss Guilty - these ladies have plenty of musical chops. I expect we’ll see more of them in Taylor.

All photos were taken with my Fujifilm X100F. More shots from the show can be found on my gallery site.