Camp Mabry Muster Day 2015

Anyone who follows my work knows that I love taking photos at WWII reenactments. There are a few events held each year at Camp Mabry in Austin. "Muster Day" is the largest event of the year and a huge crowd gathers at the base for a variety of activities and reenactments. I can be found hanging out in the US and German camps looking for moments of the living historians immersed in their roles - the "war faces" as I call them. The battle reenactment is the main attraction for most folks but I usually find my favorite photos off the battle field. Here are some of my favorite images of the reenactment troops. As I've talked about before, I shoot with longer focal lengths and try to stay detached from the action to allow these folks to remain focused on their roles in the reenactment. My full gallery of shots, including battle scenes, can be found here.

I would hope that it would go without saying that these events and my documentation of them absolutely do not serve to glorify war. War is a terrible thing and WWII was a horrific time in human history. These reenactments are staged to educate and remind us all of the costs of the freedoms we hold dear. I believe it is essential that we continue to tell the stories lest we forget.