Old Crawford Mill

I went for a motorcycle ride around some of the backroads of Williamson County with my good friend Mark this past weekend. It was a nice day for that sort of thing. Warm, but not the full oppressive heat of a Texas summer quite yet. We explored a couple of small towns while winding through some roads off the beaten path. Nearing Walburg, I remembered the Old Crawford Mill and knew Mark would love this place. He's a bit of an urban explorer and I think old abandoned buildings are pretty cool myself. We made a stop by the mill and looked around a bit. I chose to mostly linger outside. The dust is thick in here and with all the recent rains mold is high right now. My asthmatic lungs actually had trouble breathing the thick musty air in this place that afternoon. You could taste the dust, mold, and who knows what else. Mmm...asbestos, anyone?

This place was one of the sets in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake years back. It still looks the part. It's creepy as hell and with the gusty winds things were creaking around quite a bit. Hard to tell whether it was tree limbs rubbing on the metal roof, raccoons scurrying in the dark, or maybe a chainsaw wielding maniac lurking in a dark corner.