Waxahachie WWII Weekend

A favorite annual event of mine is the Waxahachie WWII Weekend held on the Veteran's Day weekend. This exceptional WWII reenactment event takes over the small town and you'll find Allied and Axis forces roaming about downtown. The main event is a battle reenactment around an old train depot and the crowds assemble to observe the skirmish. The battle is fun to see of course but I'm always more excited about milling around the streets and camps beforehand while I photograph the troops in a photojournalist style.

I'm much more interested in genuine moments than staging my photographs. While I normally shoot with a wide or normal focal length prime lens, I used a 70-200mm equivalent lens for this event. I try to mingle about on the periphery and not attract attention from the reenactors, who are all too willing to strike a pose for the camera. My desire is to catch them in character and isolate them as much as possible from the modern environment. I'm looking for those war faces.

This year I didn't taken many photos during the battle. The dense crowd made it difficult to find a decent vantage point considering movement of the troops and the direction of the afternoon sun. That was OK by me as I had plenty of time to get the kind of photos I prefer before and after the battle demonstration. Here are some of my favorites (click for larger views).

More photos from the event can be found on my gallery page here. All images were taken with a Fujifilm X-T2 and 50-140mm XF lens, Acros film simulation.