Super Moon Noir

A super moon rose over Austin last weekend.  It didn't look particularly super, at least not in size, from my vantage point with a relatively short telephoto lens.  Still, the sunlight reflecting off the moon surface washed across the night sky and bathed downtown Austin with a surreal glow.  Darkness prevailed but the persistent moonlight created a dramatic backlight that silhouetted the city and made for a very noir night.  

East Side Classic 2014

I love stopping by custom bike and car shows, especially when there are lots of home builds.  The less refined the builds are, the more I tend to like them.  The Eastside Classic was held at Haymakers in east Austin last month.  The small group of bikes there did not disappoint.  It was a neat little show and I had a great time checking out the custom bikes.  It was a warm day with harsh light in the late afternoon.  Initially I processed my shots in black and white.  At the urging of a buddy of mine, I redid them in color.  I came up with a warm, contrasty look that I think works well for these bikes under the blazing Texas sun.

Fireworks on the Lake - Independence Day 2014

I spent Independence Day this year taking pictures of a fireworks display from the Pennybacker Bridge in Austin with a couple of photographer friends.  This is the second year we've done this.  It's a great location to view the show, although the movement of the bridge and high winds this year made it tough to keep our shots tack sharp.  Considering the conditions, the results are quite good in my humble opinion.

The show was put on by the Austin Country Club.  It was a good long fireworks display that painted some interesting shapes and colors in the Austin night sky.  The water surface of the lake was brilliantly colored by the exploding shells while the drifting boats provided some decorative appointments of light.  Smoke drifted toward us, leaving behind the distinct scent of the burning powders.   I rattled off long exposures of up to 20 seconds and I enjoyed the show while my tripod mounted Fujifilm X-T1 slowly gathered some memorable moments of the display.  Fireworks photography is part skill, part (mostly) luck.  Many frames were captured, few were worthy of preserving.  These are my favorites from the evening.