The Tactical Light Stand Bag

I've written before about my favorite camera bag, the "tactical camera bag" as I dubbed it (aka the Maxpedition Versipack Jumbo). Camera bags are a love\hate relationship with me. I've owned a number of them and have found most to be lacking in some form or fashion and usually overpriced. I've found that sometimes non-camera specific bags just work better for me. It's not just cameras - I have solutions for other things such as my strobe/flashes and accessories. Up until yesterday I'd been carrying light stands in a golf club bag. As I was gathering things up for a photoshoot, I found an even better solution.

I was rounding up my light stands and the soft case that I use for one of my competition rifles caught my eye in my garage. For some reason it had never occurred to me that my collapsed light stands are a little less than the length of the rifle bag. Sure enough, 3 stands fit perfectly with room to spare for a couple of umbrellas. The outside pockets held my hot shoe flashes and triggers. Cool! Now I had a compact bag for that gear that I could carry in one hand or over my shoulder. That and my camera bag were all I needed for the shoot and the combination was a lot easier to carry than my previous solution that involved separate bags for cameras, stands, and flash gear.

These sorts of bags are made by a variety of companies and should be easy to find in a sporting goods store, gun shop, or online from a place like Midway. They are built tough and are probably going to cost less than a specialized light stand bag. Here's what mine looks like.