War Faces

I enjoy attending WWII reenactment events.  There are several area groups that stage these events regularly throughout the year.  The folks that put these events on are dedicated to recreating historical battles as living history lessons.  They do so with great sacrifices of personal time and expenses.  The events do not exist to glorify war.  Rather they are staged to educate and remind us of the great cost of freedom when war is waged to defend and preserve it.  I am always impressed with the dedication that these actors put into the recreation of some of the battles of WWII, down to the smallest detail.  The uniforms and weapons are all true to the period, whether genuine artifacts of war or accurate recreations.  

While most spectators come for the battle recreations, I am more intrigued with the people involved.  What I have tried to do over the years is to catch moments of these people in character.  None of these images were staged.  When their eyes met my lens it was by coincidence.  I was looking for those battle stares.  Those moments when the actor was lost in thought over the role that he or she was playing that day.  I call these images "war faces."